domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Hello World!!! Welcome to my blog

Hi, there! ..this is my first blog for my English class. Here, I am going to post my English class homework.


No masterpiece of no artist can equalize the creation of a child who came from a mother. The success not only measures up for what we are, but also for the gift that we give, ¡and the gift of a mother is a person!.

This is my mother.She is 48 years old and she is the woman that I love most. She is the one who has taken me through the correct way. I love you mom Happy mom's day from your son,Americo

My name's Americo and my last name is Pcheco. People call me Americo... I am a student in URBE. I go to Industrial Engineering School. I am 18 years old. I 'm from Maracaibo.